A Graphic Artist that cares.


This project was executed for a Graphic Design 3 class. The assignment was to design a drug that would offer a clever and highly conceptual solution to an existing issue. A-Mortem is my idea of a cure for the lovesickness ‘disease’. ¶ A presentation consists of a website and a packaging/branding identity design. The image of Amoris Mortem (The Death of Love) Memorial presented in the end of the narrative is to convey the contrast between a playful and attractive idea of curing love and the author’s commentary on what the consequences of ‘killing love’ could be like if A-Mortem actually existed. ¶ My argument is that humans are emotional beings who seek love and connection. We have no way of knowing what the world w/o love would be like. My prediction is – it would be terrifying. I believe that love is in as much a part of our nature as selfishness is and this project was my way of illustrating the contrast between the two.

mockup amortem.jpg
Amortem webpage.jpg